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NEO Pro Imaging guarantees the highest quality printing. If we receive an improperly exposed image, and/or improper color balance, we will attempt to make the best possible print. These images may be subject to adjustment charges. You’ll be notified by phone if such a situation arises.

To meet our published delivery schedules, each job submitted for processing must meet our quality criteria including, accurate and consistent exposure/color, and complete, correct order entry. When these criteria are met, your work can be processed most efficiently, meaning you and your customers receive the best quality, highest uniformity, and fastest turnaround possible.

Production time for all jobs begin when the images and complete order information are received. Once we have these items the job can be submitted into production.

NPI offers free testing and evaluation of your digital images. Please call customer service for details and recommendations. Test prints may be also ordered via NEO Roes.

If an order does not meet NPI’s quality criteria, and requires special services or special attention to complete, you will be quoted a price for the corrective actions necessary to complete the order.

Innovative and energized we want this philosophy to trickle down to all our stakeholders first-order optimal strategies. 


All corrections will be handled on a case by case basis, by which NEO Pro Imaging will evaluate each image submitted for printing. Corrections determined to be lab error will not be billed.

All other corrections, and remakes may be billed at a reduced rate. Requests for remakes must be made within 30 days of the invoice date. Reduction, if applicable, varies by product.


We strive for 100% on time delivery. Occasionally, due to unforeseen circumstances this is not possible. In the rare instance that we cannot meet our delivery time, you will be contacted to discuss options.


All flat prints in by noon are usually ready to ship/pick up the same day. Orders arriving after noon may ready based up production schedules. To move your order to the top of the production queue you will incur a 50% rush charge.