Java Installer

Click on yes to install Java on your machine. When you click yes the system will then proceed to download the Java installer. This is a fairly large download and only happens the first time you run the application (unless you subsequently delete Java from your machine).

When the installer is downloaded it will run and the installer's Welcome dialog will be presented.

Click on the Next button to proceed with the installation. This will bring up the Java Licensing Agreement.

Click the Yes button to agree to the license and proceed with the installation. The installer will then prompt you as to where you would like to install Java; offering you a default path.

Select you destination and click the Next button. The installer will prompt you for which browsers the Java Plug-in should be the default Java runtime.

Select the browser that you intend to use and click the Next button. At this point the installer will install all the necessary Java components into your system.

When it is complete the ROES Client application will be launched using a component of the Java you just installed called Java Web Start.